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Police department jails are often small facilities with only a few cells inside. Larger cities may have larger facilities than most places, but the offenders who are held at the police department jail are typically low-security detainees. Most inmates at the police department jail are held on simple misdemeanor offenses or petty crimes, like shoplifting or resisting arrest. Some may be held on a DUI charge until they sober up and are released pending trial. Felony offenders are quickly transferred to the county jail in most cases.

Inmates at a police department jail usually only stay for a day or two. Once arraignment occurs, the detainee is typically either released on bail or transferred to a county facility. Police department jails do not typically hold long-term inmates, although some may be held at one of these facilities for six months to a year in some instances.

How To Find An Inmate In Sparta Police Lockup

Unfortunately, locating an inmate at Sparta Police Lockup is somewhat of a manual process. Like most police department jails, there is no online inmate locator that can be used to find someone here. If you are attempting to locate an inmate at Sparta Police Lockup, you will need to call the jail staff at 859-643-4000.

During busy times, it might take a little longer for the jail staff to accommodate your request. They are busy processing detainees coming into the facility and performing other tasks. Many smaller police departments have a very limited staff. This means that you might talk to a police dispatcher when you call, and they have other essential duties to perform. Similarly, most police department jails have limited staff during the evening and overnight hours.

Once you have found the inmate, the jail staff should be able to provide other necessary details. They can give you the arrest date, booking date, court appearance date, bond amount, and other pertinent information related to the inmate. Some of this information may appear on the inmate’s arrest form, but not all of the information will be there. Dates, such as court dates and release dates, will not be known at the time of arrest.

Visitation Info

Visitation at Sparta Police Lockup is slightly more relaxed than most of the Gallatin County facilities or the Kentucky prisons. This is due to the nature of the criminals that are housed here. Visitation is allowed on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. You will need a valid photo ID to sign in for visitation upon your arrival.

Do not attempt to bring anything into the facility other than your photo ID and car key. No cell phones are allowed inside the facility, and no food or drink is allowed either. Attempting to bring weapons, cigarettes, or any other type of contraband into the facility will result in criminal charges against you.

There are no limits on attorney visits to an inmate at Sparta Police Lockup. However, the same rules apply when it comes to signing in and allowable items. All visits should also follow the dress code, which means that no suggestive, revealing, see-through, or inappropriate clothing may be worn. Failure to comply with the dress code can result in your visitation privileges being revoked.

It is always a good idea to call ahead at 859-643-4000 to ensure that visitation will be allowed before you arrive. Some circumstances require the visitation rules to be changed without notice, so calling the facility beforehand will ensure that you have the most up-to-date information.

Sending Mail & Care Packages To An Inmate

Most inmates do not stay at Sparta Police Lockup long enough to receive mail or care packages. However, if you have a friend or family member who will be held at the facility for more than a few days, mail is allowed. It should be sent to the following address:

Inmate’s Full Name
Sparta Police Lockup
PO Box 40
Sparta, Kentucky 41086

Mail should be limited to simple postcards or letters on plain paper. No additional stamps, stickers, or other items should be included in the mail. Also, be aware that the content of your letter should not contain any references to weapons, violence, or other inappropriate topics. All mail is subject to being searched and read as it enters the facility.

Care packages are generally not allowed at Sparta Police Lockup. The inmates here are provided with all their necessities, and outside personal care items are not allowed. Paperback books are acceptable, but they will need to be shipped directly from the publisher. Hardback books, magazines, or puzzle books are not allowed.

Phone Calls

Inmates booked into Sparta Police Lockup will receive one phone call at the time of their booking. Additional phone privileges will be allowed after the booking has been completed. If the inmate is being held at the facility for a longer period of time, a phone is available during daytime hours. However, due to the setup of the facility, an inmate may have to request to use the phone. Phones may not be readily available at all times during the day, depending on the workload of the guards and staff.

All outgoing calls must be placed as collect calls. Sparta Police Lockup does not have the ability for each inmate to have their own phone account to pay for phone calls. Similarly, no incoming calls for inmates will be accepted. You will not be able to call the jail staff and ask to speak with an inmate. Phone calls should be limited to 30 minutes or less, although calls may be allowed to go longer at the staff’s discretion.

There are no time limits on phone calls to an attorney, although these must be placed as collect calls as well. Most attorney communication takes place in person due to the high cost of these calls.

How To Send Money To An Inmate In Sparta Police Lockup

Most inmates at Sparta Police Lockup do not remain here long enough to need money deposited into an account for them. The average stay at the facility is only a few days, as most inmates are either released on bond or transferred to either the Gallatin County jail or Kentucky prison. However, if you wish to send money to an inmate who will be staying here for a longer period of time, here is how you can do it.

You should send a money order to the following address:

Inmate Full Name
Sparta Police Lockup
PO Box 40
Sparta, Kentucky 41086

A money order is the best way to get money to an inmate. Cash should not be used as it is not a secure method for making sure that the money makes it to the inmate’s account properly. There are also various online services that can be used to handle deposits to an inmate’s account. You should call Sparta Police Lockup at 859-643-4000 to determine the most up-to-date information regarding deposits to an inmate’s account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I bail someone out of Sparta Police Lockup?

You will first need to determine the bail amount. The bail amount will be set by a judge at the inmate’s initial appearance or arraignment. You can call the jail at 859-643-4000 to determine the amount that you will need to bring to bail out an inmate. You should bring a money order for that amount to the jail. We do not accept checks, and cash might not be accepted depending on the amount of bail.

You can also contact a local bail bond company to assist with the bail process. They may offer alternative payment options, and they can generally walk you through the process of bailing someone out of the facility.

What if I do not want to receive calls from an inmate?

If you do not wish to receive calls from an inmate, you should attempt to block the facility’s phone number so they cannot call you. You can do this easily on your smartphone by blocking the number from which they call. If you have a landline, you can also dial *60 and walk through the steps for blocking a number.

You should be aware that larger police department jails might have multiple outgoing lines. This means that you might need to block several numbers to totally prevent calls from Sparta Police Lockup from reaching you. If you are unable to successfully block the number, you can report the harassing calls to the police department. You might be able to have that inmate’s phone privileges revoked so they are unable to call you.

How can I find out if an inmate has visitation privileges?

The easiest way to determine whether an inmate has visitation privileges is to call the facility at 859-643-4000. You will need the inmate’s full name along with their inmate number if you have it. The jail staff will be able to tell you whether the inmate has visitation privileges. You can also get additional visitation information at the facility’s website at (no website is available at this time).

What if an inmate has medical issues and requires immediate treatment?

If an inmate requires immediate medical treatment, they will receive the treatment they need. Medical services are provided to inmates at Sparta Police Lockup, and emergency medical care is available when necessary. If treatment cannot be provided at the facility, then the inmate may be transferred to a local hospital for treatment. A police officer will generally need to accompany the inmate at all times during the medical treatment for the safety of the medical staff and to prevent the inmate from escaping custody.

Where is Sparta Police Lockup located?

Sparta Police Lockup is located at PO Box 40 Sparta, Kentucky 41086. You can enter this address into any GPS to get driving directions to the facility. Before visiting Sparta Police Lockup, make sure that you are familiar with the rules regarding visitation, packages, prohibited items, and other information that you need to know. It is always a good idea to call ahead at 859-643-4000 to make sure there have been no recent changes. Visitation policies can change without notice for a number of reasons, so it is best to confirm that visitation will be allowed before you drive to the facility.


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